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MetroAlerts is a free alert service that delivers Metro information to your desktop or mobile device.

Know before you go. It’s easy to customize which alerts you receive, as well as when and where you receive them. You can select the days and times you want to receive messages, and can turn them off when you’re on vacation and reactivate upon your return.

MetroAlerts keeps you informed of:
  1. • Major Metrorail and Metrobus delays and service disruptions
  2. • Metrobus schedule changes and detours
  3. • Metrorail advisories specific to your line or frequently used stations
  4. • Other changes or enhancements to Metro service and facilities

How it works:
  1. 1. Sign up for an account
  2. 2. Provide at least one email address or cell phone number to receive alerts
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  4. 4. Pick the days and times you want to receive alerts
  5. 5. Activate your account to start receiving alerts


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*Note: While WMATA provides this service free of charge, you may be responsible for the cost of received text messages from your mobile phone carrier depending on your calling or data plan.